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Base powders/Fillers

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Foundation & Concealer Powder Base 2
Foundation & Concealer Powder Base No 1
Kaolin clay
Magnesium stearate - Vegetable derived
Oat Colloidal Powder
Oat Silk Powder
Pearl Powder - Micronized
Rice powder - Ultra Silky
Satin Pearl Mica
Sericite mica
Sericite mica coated with Carnauba Wax
Silica Microspheres
Titanium dioxide
Ultra Silk Mica
Zinc oxide

Cosmetic Base Powders / Texturizers

Texturizers are primarily composed of natural minerals and crystals (e.g. silicates, Zinc, magnesium and others). They are fine powders with effective thickening, filling and stabilizing properties for cosmetic products. They are widely used as basic components in all kinds of makeup products including foundations, face powders, lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara and more.

We place great importance on quality and all of our cosmetic grade mineral ingredients are of the finest quality, manufactured by companies who are specialists in their field. 

In addition to supplying cosmetic companies our purest quality powders are also used by many colleges, medical centres and makeup academies.

We believe that superior quality ingredients make superior quality products.They are all FDA & EU approved for use in cosmetics without restriction.